Expert commercial concreting services in Penrith and the Blue Mountains

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Are you looking for high-quality kerb and gutter installation work in Penrith and the Blue Mountains? Maybe you need a footpath installed in a new park or commercial space? Or perhaps you need a carpark built for a new shopping centre or office building in the area? Whatever your commercial and industrial concreting needs may be, we have you covered at S&L Concrete.

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Kerb and gutter

At S&L Concrete, we are experts when it comes to kerb and gutter work. With years of experience in the industry, we can construct or repair existing concrete gutters while sticking to strict time pressures and tight budgets.
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Our experienced team have installed footpaths of all shapes and sizes for companies and councils throughout Penrith and the Blue Mountains. Whether your footpath is in a commercial space or in a local park, we’ll be more than happy to get the job done.
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Lintel drain pits

As local residents, we understand the effect stormy weather can have. That’s why we offer construction services for lintel drain pits, allowing you to effectively drain heavy rain and stormwater before it can damage your property.
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If you need a carpark constructed for your business or office, look no further than S&L Concrete. We can build carparks of all shapes and sizes, designing them to perfectly fit with your personal needs and specifications.

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For more information about our excellent range of commercial and industrial concreting services, call our friendly team today on 0411 704 302.

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